3M Half Marathon “Expo”

Today was pretty exciting! I crossed off (half of) an item on my goal list for 2011: I paid off one credit card! I can’t even explain how good that feels. Not quite as good as crossing the finish line of a half marathon, but it felt GOOD!

On my lunch break today I headed out to the 3m Innovation Center in the boondocks of Austin. Maybe not the boondocks to all, definitely to me who works downtown and lives just north of Austin. It was incredibly out of the way.



However, I was making the drive for a bag chock full of free goodies. How could I complain?


I was pretty pleased with the contents of the swag bag for the 3m Half Marathon. If the bag is too heavy to carry to the car, you know they’ve done a good job. Let’s take a look at what was inside:


I love that the race shirt is a tech shirt – this guarantees I will actually wear it.


Sunglasses – this is a huge plus in my book. I’m just not a fan of running a race in my aviators.


Not exactly sure what a Shammy towel is, but I’ll use it. Pop-up Note & Flag Dispenser = LOVE! I’m a huge Post-It nerd, and these dispensers are not cheap. I’ll take a free one, thank you very much!


Oh shin splints, story of my life. Clearly someone tipped them off that it would be beneficial to slip this flyer in my bag. I’m all for the shin splint cure.


An issue of Austin Fit. If my reading it will make my abs magically look like hers, I’ll be reading this in bed tomorrow morning, for sure.

Well kids, I’m off to bed. It’s 10:34 and WAY past my bedtime. It was date night tonight and we saw “No Strings Attached” (against the boyfriend’s will). However, it actually ended up being really funny. I can’t stand chick flicks or happy endings (things don’t happen that way in real life), but there was a lot of hilarious moments and raunchy jokes in the movie. I’m still laughing about certain scenes. Even the bf said he’d allow me to sleep in the house tonight because the movie was actually enjoyable!

Ladies & gents, that’s what we call a win. I’m off to drink copious amounts of H20 to counteract all of the pinot noir and prosecco I consumed this evening.

Time to get my game face on!

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  1. That looks like a pretty sweet swag bag!

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