Race Envy

Yesterday Jenn posted about the Disney Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon. As soon as I read the title, it hit me: race envy. Unfortunately this year I won’t be making an appearance in Orlando but I really wish I was. In addition to it being my first half marathon, the weekend as a whole was absolutely amazing. The food, the wine, the wine, the food…

food and wine 2


food and wine 3



And after 10 hours of inhaling food and enjoying adult beverages, we received the passport completion stamp. 28 countries: done and DONE!

Cheetahs don’t mess around.


Oh, and there was that whole half marathon thing:




Phenomenal weekend. We’ll definitely be back to run that race again but this year it’s just not in the cards.

And then there’s Rock n Roll Las Vegas

rnr - vegas

…and the Urban Running: Blogger Summit


The event is hosted by the infamous SkinnyRunner, and the list of confirmed speakers includes Cely, SUAR, Tina, and Janae, just to name a few. Countless bloggers in my Google Reader are attending (Paula, aren’t you going too?) and I want to GO!!

And don’t even get me started on this one:


I’ll be tossing my name in the lottery for that one in 2012.

So I want to know: do you get race envy? Which race do you wish you were running this year?

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  1. Awww, I’m sorry!! 🙁 I def get race envy too all the time. NYC is my huge ‘race envy’ race. Got denied this year in the lottery so 2 more years to go! But look at the bright side…you’ll be with me at MCM! And Goofy….right??? 😀 I will gladly have a glass of wine…or three…in honor of you ladies!

    • Don’t apologize! I look forward to hearing all about it, your recaps are always awesome 🙂 I’m not sure about Goofy, but yes – we’ll be together for MCM!.And of course, please do have some wine for us!

  2. So many cool races and so little time! Plus there aren’t unlimited funds to make all of them. Looks like a great time! I hope to do Rock n Roll Vegas eventually!

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