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A couple weeks ago I found myself going back and forth on attending a certain event. Just a short two months away, I thought mayyyybe it was too soon. And then I saw Ashley had registered for it too. It took a few days but eventually I pulled the trigger.

I will be attending the 2012 Healthy Living Summit in Cambridge/Boston, MA.

Healthy Living Summit

I began reading blogs back in 2009 and the first two I came across were running ones, Chic Runner and Skinny Runner. Shortly afterwards I discovered the HLB community. There are SO MANY bloggers out there which I’ve added to my Google Reader over the years. Each and every one has something unique to offer.

Late 2010, after running my first half marathon, I decided it was time for me to sign up on WordPress and start my own blog. Hello, overwhelming! Posting, reading other posts, and commenting can take up a lot of your time.

But I love it.

Whether you’re at your happy weight or want to lose a few pounds, everyone benefits from a delicious recipe or new workout move to change things up. Whether you’re a 3:30 or 5:30 marathoner, everyone can enjoy a post about pre/post-race fueling or the new model of a popular running shoe. We’re all human and encounter many of the same situations every day.

The Healthy Living Summit will be a great opportunity to come face to face with many of my favorite bloggers, as well as new ones I may not have come across yet. It’ll also be a huge learning experience when it comes to photography, social media, and blogging with brands. It seems there’s quite a few runners attending also, and I have a feeling there will be a great turnout for a Saturday morning long run before the sessions get started.

My favorite part is how it’s run by a group of bloggers whose blogs I visit frequently, rather than a large company run by people I’ve never heard of and will never meet. It’s hosted by our peers, fellow bloggers, and that’s awesome.

I’ve met quite a few awesome people in person after reading their blog and/or interacting on Twitter. The HLB community is so inspiring, supportive, and encouraging. When you have a crappy race or don’t nail your tempo paces, there’s always someone to put things in perspective for you and lift your spirits. It’s a great feeling to know there is a huge community at our fingertips to learn from.

I can’t wait to meet all of my fellow HLS attendees in August!

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  1. Not sure if you read/follow Kristin of…..but if not, check her out. She’s in Austin too & also going to HLS. 🙂

  2. I am not going but do report back how it goes. Honestly I have heard some not so good things about HLS. I am a big believer than probably 75% of healthy living bloggers are anything BUT healthy and from some trusted blog friends I have heard that HLS supports that opinion. I will be interested to see your take on the event after attending.

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